Signature Properties offers tailored and efficient property management services for properties in Lusaka.   We have a wide experience with delivering excellent service to high-end residential complexes, stand-alone houses and commercial properties including shopping centres in Lusaka and believe that we can bring added value with the standard management package and also through our “Home Design” service.

We offer flexible property management packages from full management covering the four core areas of management down to basic “caretaker” packages.  We recognise that not every client has the same need or requirement and so we aim to be flexible both with the level of service we can offer that can suit all incomes and pockets.

Our full property management package focusses on the four core areas of :

Lease Management  |   Financial   |       Maintenance |  Tax Administration    

Lease Management

  • Lease documentation, update and due diligence
  • Monitor and evaluate tenants adhering to lease terms and conditions
  • Enforcement of lease terms and conditions
  • Facilitation of the engagement of legal services on behalf of the landlord


  • Rental invoicing and collection
  • Debt and credit control
  • Cash-flow management
  • Preparation of financial reports by analysing and summarising all data


  • Selection, evaluation and engagement of maintenance contractors and service providers
  • Supervision of maintenance contractors and service providers
  • Periodic review of service providers
  • Property inspections on a fortnightly basis

Tax (Withholding)

Signature Properties has recognised the importance of this area of property management that requires exacting administration skills and excellent record keeping and we are able to provide service covering:

  • Tax Payer Identification registration (if necessary)
  • Lodgement of Withholding Tax returns
  • Remittance of funds to pay Withholding Tax (WHT) on behalf of Landlord
  • Liaison with Zambia Revenue Authority
  • Monitoring and collection of certificates of deduction (WHT)

We offer monthly, quarterly and annual reports covering the following:


  • Monthly Management Reports which have the following:
    • Rent Roll and Rent Roll Reconciliation
    • Debtors’ and Creditors’ position
  • Quarterly Management Reports which have the following:
    • Rent Roll and Rent Roll Reconciliation
    • Cash-flow
    • Debtors’ and Creditors’
    • Income and Expense Statements
    • Key Performance Indicator Reports
      • Credit Control
      • Expenses and Recoveries
      • Facilities Management (where applicable)
      • Occupancy Analysis
      • Space and Lease Management

Our management fee is based on 10% of collected rentals.  This ensures that we are also motivated to ensure that vacant units are also tenanted quickly to avoid loss of income, both on the side of the client and SPL. 

Our “caretaking” management package is flexible and we can quote according to requirements.

The marketing and sourcing of tenants is handled by our leasing team and all advertising and marketing is included in the leasing fees.  We believe that our marketing through our own website, and using our extensive relationships with the NGO/corporate and expatriate networks ensures that your property is always going to reach the right tenants.  We also undertake limited advertising using online advertising sheets and sites and above the line marketing on consultation with the client.  These costs are normally borne by the client.

We make a reduced charge when tenants are found which are a one-off letting fee for each lease signed at a reduced rate of 6% of the gross rent.  Rent renewals also attract a fee of 3% of the gross annual rent, again this is a one-off fee charged when the lease is negotiated and re-signed.

Facilities Management

Facility management is performed during the operational phase of a building or throughout a development’s life cycle which often extends over decades.  It is the continuous process of service provision to support the Principal’s or Home Owners’ core asset and where improvement is sought on a continuous basis.

The role of a facility manager is to ensure the proper operation of all aspects of a development and to create a conducive, safe and cost effective environment.   This covers the following areas:

  • Documentation
  • Project Management Supervision
  • Cost Analysis of goods and services
  • Strategic Development Business Planning
  • Managing change with minimum disruption
  • Owner/Landlord/Tenant liaison
  • Directing and planning essential central service
  • Managing security, fire protection and safety and overseeing periodic testing
  • Space planning
  • Checking contractors’ work
  • Respond appropriately to emergency to urgent issues

Signature Properties has provided Facilities Management services to Zambezi Park, a development of 24 homes in Roma, and several other large residential properties in Kabulonga, Leopard’s Hill, Rhodes Park and Roma.   We also offer lease and financial management services to Princess Villas Estates owners of Sandy’s Creations and Lodge in Lilayi.

Our total portfolio of managed properties currently stands at 66.